Burmester Reference Check

Burmester Reference Check
  • Burmester Reference Check

  • Loại đĩa : Đĩa than mới 100%
  • Giá : 1.000.000 đ
  • Hotline : 0903 33 00 55
  • Cho vào giỏ hàng

Đĩa than dùng để cân chỉnh và kiểm tra hệ thống rất cần thiết cho các audiophile

Bản 180g Vinyl - 45 vòng - made in Germany 


Side A :

* Track 1 : 1kHz Sine Wave for Auto Adjust (1:00)

This signal is assigned to the specific use with the Burmester 100 Phono Preamplifier.

Please see the owner's manual for detailed information on the auto adjust function.

* Track 2 : Sweep 20 Hz - 20 kHz (1:30)

With this signal you can determine whether your cartridge is aligned correctly
1. Play the test signal with your turntable
2. The entire test signal should be reproduced identycally on both channels
3. If this is not a case , please check seat and alignment of the cartridge.

* Track 3 : Anti - Skating 

With this free space you can adjust the tonearms's anti-skating properties.

1. Switch the turntable on

2. Place the tonearm on the free space on your test record : the arm should maintain its position and not drift inwards or outwards

3. If the arm does not maintain its position , please adjust the anti-skating as described in the owners manual

* Track 4 : Locked groove 

This signal allows you to test the signal-to-noise ratio

1. Play the test signal with your turntable

2. Increase the volume of your preamplifier : even at high volumes you should not notice any noise

Attention: please reduce the volume before using the pick-up-lift


Side B :

Track 5 : Friedemann - Saitensprung

Track 6 : Cæcilie Norby - Stepping Stone
Track 7 : Hans Theessink - Call Me
Track 8 : Beethoven Orchester Bonn: Scherzo. Presto